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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Labor To Focus On Health This Week In The Campaign - I Wonder What The Coalition Plans?

I wonder just what the Labor Party will be saying about e-Health and the PCEHR Program in the context of a Health focus this week. ABC Radio is saying Labor will be focusing on Health after the Westmead Hospital Funding announcement today.

It would be very interesting to see just what their plans are in the e-Health area.

My fear is that they will try to skate through and not ask what the public have been given for all the money spent and will push buildings over things that might help.

As far as the Liberal / Nationals are concerned I wonder what their e-Health plans are. As far as I know there is very little in the public domain that makes their position clear.

I am sure at least the readers here might change their vote on something sensible being offered!

Please let me and all of us know what both sides are planning if you know.




Anonymous said...

Which flavour of stupid to vote for?

Anonymous said...

Unless some asks the question, then no one will know.

The unfortunate thing is that Peter Dutton is also useless and has not asked 1 question in Question Time of any health minister, current and past.

He and Southcott in charge of this shambles at NEHTA and DoHA, nothing will change, as they are also clueless..

Pick me. Pick me...

Anonymous said...

Richard Prior stated it best:

None of the Above!

Anonymous said...

I think "CUT CUT CUT" is whats needed and its a 3 word slogan :-)

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add the end of the slogan, "TO THE BONE" now made it a 6 word slogan.

That is what is needed for this project

Anonymous said...

Having dealt with DOHA and NEHTA bureaucrats over the past 6 years and more it is clear that a big clean out is overdue starting at the top.

I have visibility of public health budgets and the amount of waste, personal fiefdom building and unproductively is frightful.

It is a shame that we cannot hold the bureaucrats to personal account for this shocking waste of taxpayer dollars. Ripping their snouts out of the trough, turning off the executive salary packages and the defined pension benefit schemes is a good start.

Once the broom has been put through these departments and branches, then a rebuild, based on improved productivity and accountability can start.

Anonymous said...

Hear, Hear Anonymous "8/19/2013 10:45:00 AM"!

But what duly "Elected Representative" of the People will usher in such a house cleaning wind and make these bureaucratic Self-Servants unequivocally Accountable "Public Servants"?

The present system will unfortunately repel such promising and just reform and maintain the unjustly administered status quos to all the public's detriment and sole benefit of the Sir Humphrey Bureaucrat and accompanying parasitic sycophants!

Watch this space and Abandon All Hope yeah who takes a passing interest in this dysfunctional Healthcare and eHealth space…