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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It Seems The NEHTA Chairman Is In Line To Be Chairman Of ANZ Bank.

Only one comment.

I hope someone in ANZ makes sure they are comfortable with what has happened with NEHTA during his Chairmanship. I wonder is he planning to stay?

I can't say I have seen evidence of the level of oversight, scrutiny and management control of NEHTA I would have liked to have seen, and would have expected, from an excellent independent chairman.

What do others think?

Yes I have a personal interest as I have a few ANZ shares!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Yes I have a personal interest as I have a few ANZ shares!"

Well David I can only suggest that let's hope Mr Gonski AO demonstrates more respect for ANZ's shareholders and the governance of their capital than the contempt he has demonstrated for Australian taxpayers in his sinecure as the Chair of NEHTA's board.

If there was any promise of change in NEHTA's poor performance and dysfunctional behaviour with the arrival of an Independent Chair, it would appear it was swiftly neutered by the deft hands of the one and only Ms Halton!

It will be an interesting observation to record how much real shareholder value is created over time under the Chairmanship of Mr Gonski AO at the ANZ Bank should he succeed in his speculated appointment...