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Sunday, October 13, 2013

What Is Wrong With Microsoft That They Can Need To Patch 32 Mistakes In Their Software In One Month?

If these Microsoft guys made a car and sold it zillions would die.

As it is, we just waste our time and are messed about because they can't get software right. Needing 32 Important Updates in just one month - as just happened to me is just absurd. And no I don't want to just let MS reset my machine when it wants to.

Surely after 2-3 years Win 7 should be secure?

Of course they are not the only offender. Adobe keeps wanting things updated to say nothing of Firefox. Then there are all those who can't work out how to update without requiring yet another reset.

What a joke - they should pay all of us for time wasted!


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Anonymous said...

While this interaction is an acknowledged urban myth, it does illustrate your point very humorously:


During the COMDEX, (a computer exhibition) Bill Gates compared the automotive industry with the computer industry and made the following statement: “ if General Motors had improved their technology at the same rate as the computer industry, then we all would be driving 23$ cars that provide 1000 mls/gallon” in reply to this statement, Mr.Welch (CEO , GM) replied “if General Motors has developed the same technology as Microsoft then we would all be driving cars with following features :

1. Your car would, without any reason, have an accident twice a day.

2. During an accident for inflating the air bags would prompt you “Do you really want to inflate me?

3. Every time the road markings are replaced you would have to buy a new car.

4. Now and then, when driving on the motorway, your car would simply stop, you would just accept this and restart the engine and continue the journey.

5. When performing specific man oeuvre, e.g. a left turn, your engine would fail and refuse to start again. You would then have to reinstall a engine.

6. You could only sit in your car by yourself, unless you purchase car95 or carNT, but then you would have to pay for every extra seat individually.

7. Apple would build cars that would run on solar power, are very reliable, five times as fast and more reliable and are much easier to control. Unfortunately they only work only on 5% on roads…

8. The seats would require everyone with same sized buttocks.

9. Occasionally your car would lock you out. You could then unlock it only by using a special trick. You would have to turn on the ignition key, pull the door handle and place one hand at the radio antenna. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

10. Always when general motors presents a new car, all drivers would have to learn how to drive again, since not a single button or instrument is positioned as it was previously.

11. In order to switch off the engine, you would have to press the “start button”

As they often say, an oldie but a goodie.