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Thursday, January 30, 2014

An Important Learning Experience On Health Care Application Safety Is Planned For The Middle Of Next Month.

I was alerted to this a day or so ago.

Follow up workshops: Clinical Safety for Healthcare Applications

Posted on January 28, 2014 by Grahame Grieve
Back in November I ran a clinical safety workshop for the MSIA in Sydney. I had several requests for follow ups in Melbourne and Brisbane, so I will be holding follow up workshops on March 11 (Melbourne) and Mar 13 (Brisbane). I’ll do more if there’s sufficient interest.
Here’s some quotes from the announcement:
This workshop provides a set of tools and knowledge that will help healthcare application designers create safer software. Attendees will work through real, practical examples that demonstrate clinical safety issues in application design, and also cover general clinical safety thinking, coding, presentation, data management issues, and the looming regulatory process.
The workshop is for people who make decisions about software design, or manage the software design process – whether their background is clinical, programming, or otherwise.
“The Clinical Safety Workshop was not what I expected, but so much more. Grahame did not condescend to dictate specific software tricks to write safe software. Rather, he engaged with participants to help them understand for themselves a philosophy and approach to developing safe and effective health software using skills we already know. Suited to senior technical management, architects and code cutters alike.”  Mat Hudson, CEO RadLogix Pty Ltd
Grahame brings together his years of experience in medical software and standards development to address one of the most important issues related to using information and associated machines in the provision of health care and that issue is safety.  The workshop I attended was both academically rigorous and practical. I would not hesitate to recommend it for anyone wanting to work with information and knowledge in health and in my view there is no-one that doesn’t! Michael Legg, Conjoint Associate Professor, School of Medical Sciences, University of New South Wales
The workshop will cost $700, or $500 for employees of companies that are MSIA members (the program was prepared in association with the eHealth Industry Clinical Safety and Security Committee auspiced by the MSIA)
Hopefully, I’ll see you there.
Here is the link:
By the time you read this a registration facility will be available at the following link I am assured:
This post is a public service for my readers and I stand to make not a cent, but have had to spend a moment of two of my time creating the blog.
Regular readers of this blog will fully understand how interested I am in all aspects of this area of endeavour if only because of a concern that if software development in the Health IT space is not cognizant of the possible risks issues around safety could come back to bite us and erode public confidence.
Note that the coverage provided is both on mobile as well as traditional applications.
For those that can benefit this is a must not miss event.

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