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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Saw This From A Day Or So Ago - Works For Me! HNY!

These sure are the values I like (not sure about 9 and 10 - Top 8 are great)!

What do you think?

"If I was to take a crack at an alternative ten commandments it'd go something like this:

1. Be kind (that takes care of not killing, stealing, lying, etc).
2. Be brave.
3. Be curious. Seek the truth. Question everything.
4. Don't waste.
5. Love as much as you can and never hate.
6. Respect, protect and guide - particularly the very old and young. 
7. Respect your body.
8. Respect nature.
9. Be a great shag.
10. Never wear sandals."

Would it not be great if Government actually behaved like this?

Have a great 2014!

I hope it is all you hope for.


(Back to e-health next week!)


1 comment:

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...


Looks like more suggestions/evidence that health in Australia is suffering from systemic problems.

IMHO, you don't reduce waste caused by systemic problems by just cutting funding - which is probably what is going to happen this year.