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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Word To The Wise In E-Health. If You Want To Shape The Future Ask Hard Questions At Consultation Sessions

We now know the Department is trying to constrain the scope of consultation re: the Future of the PCEHR - positive or negative by the questions they are asking.

There are much more fundamental issues re: this Program that need to be discussed and addressed. The initial PCEHR Review was quite inadequate and constrained, as everyone knows given it lasted only 6 or so weeks and had no genuine e-Health experts involved.

If you have a view on the future of the PCEHR etc., Deloitte needs to know, at a live session, or via e-mail!

This looks line a good place to start!

"The Department will also continue to receive any feedback on implementation issues until 1 September at pcehrreview@health.gov.au.

Get to it to get a real consultation happening!



Anonymous said...

It is a complete waste of time providing any feedback to the Department. Anyone with any nous should know that by now. There has been nothing forthcoming in the Department's attitude or modus operandi to suggest the bureaucrats have learnt anything from the past or that they are contrite and humble enough to acknowledge publicly they are desperately in need of help.

Deloitte on the other hand, if they can demonstrate they are not beholden to the Department, may be able to get a message through.

However, for Deloitte to ensure they can remain relevant and credible it will IMVHO be necessary for them to reassure us all that their report, including Recommendations, will be published in full within 4 weeks of submission to the Department.

Nothing less will suffice. I await such reassurance before committing time and resource to preparing a submission.

Anonymous said...

Deloitte will have no authority to release their report. It will be the property of the department. The department has complete control over everything that is associated with the PCEHR - which is why it is easy to point the finger at the culprit. And she's moved on, but the inertia and her legacy remains.