Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Can You Believe Something This Crazy Seems To Be Happening? I Really Can’t

This appeared a few days ago:

Campaign for single eHealth record, says Young

By Natasha Egan on July 23, 2014 in In-depth, Industry, Technology
AUDIO: Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council representative Rod Young has called on the sector to campaign for a single eHealth and aged care record at the council’s annual technology conference currently underway in Hobart.
Mr Young, Associate Professor Kate Swanton from Feros Care and Dr George Margelis took part in a panel discussion on the government’s eHealth record at the Information Technology in Aged Care (ITAC) conference on Tuesday.
All three speakers agreed that, when it began doing assessments in July 2015, the My Aged Care record would add another unnecessary layer to an already complex system.
After the panel discussion, AAA’s Natasha Egan spoke with Mr Young, a former peak body CEO and now an advocacy and policy consultant with service provider IRT, about the problems an additional record posed for the sector:
Here is the link and the audio is at the bottom and summarises things in a couple of minutes
That there needs to be a campaign to have what is needed in an Aged Care Record optimally integrated into whatever other patient records are held by Government would seem blindingly obvious - recognising that there will be commonality in some aspects - while there may be administrative differences.
Just where all this might fit with the PCEHR and how the details might workout needs to be watched - especially given the obscurity of just what is happening with the PCEHR.
A very useful web site to keep an eye on regarding Aged Care Health IT is found here:

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