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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This Is A Very Interesting Article With Some Details On Where The PCEHR Is Developed And Supported.

This appeared a little while ago and a few paragraphs in the middle were very interesting:

Union hits out at proposed offshoring of ATO test & dev

Tax Office insists no financial data will be stored overseas.

It says the Department of Health has already confirmed that work contracted to Accenture as infrastructure partner to the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record will be done from India.
Accenture has been paid more than $100 million to date for its PCEHR infrastructure support, and another $111 million for associated data warehousing.
However a Health spokesperson pointed out that this has been the case since Accenture was first engaged in 2011, and there are no plans to expand on the Bangalore-based support.
“Accenture does have an off-shore team that is involved in coding of changes to the system that are then shipped to Australia for testing, integration and implementation by the local team.
“This off-shore team does not have access to the operational PCEHR system and no PCEHR records are able to be accessed by any off-shore developers,” she said.
Lots more here:
I will leave it to the reader to figure out what implications these little revelations have but it does seem to me the development and bug-fixing loop is being rather extended by this cost cutting approach from Accenture.
I am interested to note just how long it has taken for these sort of arrangements have made it to the public domain.

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