Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I Wonder If There Is A Hint About NEHTA’s Future In This Job Advertisement?

This advertisement appeared a few days ago.

Senior Policy Advisor

NEHTA-Sydney, Australia

23 October, 2014

Job description

Status: Fixed term until June 2015
The Policy team at NEHTA are vital in developing and delivering consistent national policy frameworks which support eHealth into the future. The Policy team provide specialist advice on governance issues and key to the role is to engage with jurisdictional representatives.
As Senior Policy Advisor you will provide specialist policy advice to key stakeholders internally and externally.  In this busy role you will work closely with other QA and product and implementations teams and assist with a variety of ehealth projects and initiatives.

Desired Skills and Experience

To be successful in the role you will have extensive experience in resolution and mitigation of risks and issues and have the ability to develop sound, implementable recommendations for action. You will possess superior communication skills and must have experience with policy briefings, and recommendations and research reports for senior audiences. 
If you are a team player and enjoy working in a close team that supports each other and the broader business and have a passion for ehealth reform then this role will be well suited to you.

About this company

The National E-Health Transition Authority Limited (known as NEHTA) was established by the Australian, State and Territory governments to develop better ways of electronically collecting and securely exchanging health information.
In setting its requirements, NEHTA considers the most suitable standards and specifications from Australia and around the world, adapting them if necessary to suit the Australian context. If the necessary standards, specifications or infrastructure do not already exist, NEHTA is tasked to commission them.
eHealth brings together the technologies of unique identification, authentication and encryption to provide the foundations and solutions for the safe and secure exchange of healthcare information. NEHTA continues to lead the uptake of eHealth systems of national significance and to coordinate the progression and adoption of eHealth by delivering urgently needed integration infrastructure and standards. Working with key stakeholders including consumers, healthcare providers, the healthcare industry, the information and communications technology industry, policy makers and funders who have all played a role in building the eHealth record system now in operation, NEHTA offers a range of resources to support usability of eHealth products including the national system.
The link is here:
Honestly, closely reading this made my head hurt.
First just what is it that NEHTA has all these teams implementing etc. that need Policy Advice - bit late for that I would have thought.
Second it is interesting there is no mention at all, by name, of the PCEHR or myEHR.
Third I really wondered just what NEHTA had done for usability on the world’s most unusable PHR?
Last is there a sunset for NEHTA hinted at the date of termination - June 30, 2015? (8 months away)
Enquiring minds would like to know!


Anonymous said...

Attempting to appear relevant.

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...


re: "Last is there a sunset for NEHTA hinted at the date of termination - June 30, 2015? (8 months away)"

It's a fixed term/contract position and probably only has approval/funding until the end of the financial year.

There's also a Project Manager position going (ending March 2015)

"As a Project Manager within NEHTA you will be responsible for project management and coordination to implement an online web forms solution that is delivered on time, is fit-for-purpose, and is in line with the NEHTA work program. This project is a new scope of work and will require engagement of subject experts, representatives in government agencies and internal resources to ensure high quality outcomes."