Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It Seems Practice Management System Vendors Have Been Warned There Are Significant Issues With The PCEHR That Won't Be Fixed Until December 2014.

This alert was sent out today. I am told many system providers (not just Genie) are affected.

Potential issue with PCEHR overviews

We have been alerted by the Department of Health about a potential risk identified within the PCEHR system. This is impacting the way a small number of documents can be viewed in an eHealth record.
This issue results in some Medicare, prescription and dispense documents presenting in the Document List but not appearing in the Medicare Overview or the Prescription and Dispense View.
A permanent solution for this issue has been identified and will be implemented in December 2014 by the Department of Health.
In the meantime, please do not rely on the Medicare Overview or Prescription and Dispense View within the Genie PCEHR-viewer to necessarily provide a complete list of information from a patient's eHealth record. It is recommended that you use the Document List to view all documents.

Here is the link:

This looks to me to have potential safety of use of the PCEHR issues surrounding it. I wonder why there is not an alert on the Department web site and why there is not a press release from the Minister? (Nothing found as of time of writing on the DoH Site)

One really wonders why it needs so long to be rectified?




Anonymous said...

Imdid find this using a goigle search

Not a lot to go on and I am guessing its whats not being said that is worth watching, be interested from those more qualified as to what the potential impacts to PCEHR goals will be

Terry Hannan said...

These are interesting commentaries on the "PCEHR System". In the last week I have been able to discuss this topic with the "P" in PCEHR across a wide range of social domains. Academics at a university, social business leaders, hospital staff and PATIENTS. NONE have any idea nor have heard of this "thing" i.e. the PCEHR.
So IF it was designed for "PATIENTS" (of which all members of the community are) why do these people not know about it?
Wrong, model, wrong design, wrong project and wrong implementation plan.
In contrast I work colleagues who manage a large free open source EMR that has been RAPIDLY adapted [new dictionary elements] to the Ebola crisis for rapid data collection and management and is linked to the "control" of this disease in Nigeria.