Thursday, January 15, 2015

Government Backs Down On Medicare Co-Payment - Back To The Drawing Board!

Amazing back-flip.

All planned Medicare rebate changes 'off the table'.

Consultations now to begin...

A matter to pause and consult on!

I have to say Minister Ley is sounding much more reasonable than her hopeless predecessor.

She has noticed there are unintended consequences - especially on the Rebate Changes for the short consultations.

Minister Ley says at present she does not actually have a plan C - hence the consultation! 

Note: Mr Abbott still keen on Co-payment so will be interesting to see what happens in Senate in February (or later).



Anonymous said...

Fascinating stuff! Just yesterday Minister Ley issued her very first press release, denouncing Labor for a "sneaky backflip" which she claims is all "About Politics, Not Patients”$File/SL001.pdf

Anonymous said...

Just in: Ms Ley's second press release$File/SL002.pdf