Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Can We Read Anything Into This Announcement? Might Be A Straw In The Wind.

This appeared a late last week.

Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) Support Group Meeting

Created on Wednesday, 18 March 2015
The AMT Support Group structure is changing to an open forum, an opportunity exists for interested individuals to participate in the ongoing development of the AMT.
If you have a background in medicines management and are keen to be involved, please forward an expression of interest to 
The next meeting (via teleconference) is scheduled for Wednesday 29 April 2015 10 am – 12 pm AUS Eastern Daylight Time.
The Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) is produced by the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) to standardise identification of medicines for use within Australian electronic medicine management systems. A Support Group consisting of clinicians, jurisdiction representatives and computer system vendors meets regularly to provide expert guidance on relevant terminology issues.
For more information on the AMT see or email 
Here is the link.
NEHTA does not have a track record of asking for expert input in forums from the e-Health Community as far as I recall so I was prompted to ask myself why now?
Might it be NEHTA is seeing major change on the way and so is beginning - after almost a decade - to change its ways or is it preparing to be shut down?
The AMT is currently a topic of hot dinner party conversation so why the AMT for volunteer input?
What do readers think is going on - other explanations?
There is an advertisement currently on Seek for a Senior Legal Counsel - and it has a contract and date of June 30, 2015.
Here is the link:
 We need to keep an eye out for other hints, given the secrecy we see around e-Health at present!


Andrew Patterson said...

Well the AMT support group has been getting expert input from various folks since 2010. I'm not sure the premise of your post is correct. The upcoming meeting will be the 18th meeting.

Mid way through last year NEHTA proposed widening the membership so it wasn't just peak bodies/experts, but an open invitation to all. This had been happening anyway - the first meeting in 2010 had about 20 participants - and more recent meetings had 40+. So the meetings were opening up anyway.

So in answer to 'can we read anything into this'.. I would suggest no.

(NEHTA might well be preparing to be shut down for all I know, but I don't think it particularly is the reason for changing the support group - presumably any 'post NEHTA' group/department that does AMT would also have a support group/members forum)

Anonymous said...

I share your sceptisism David, although on the surface this looks positive, I cannot stop pondering if behind this, the same distructive idiot that prposed tiger teams for stanrds development, left NEHTA with little signs of strategy or an architecture discipline and has made a mess of simple specification maintenance. If so then I worry this is simply a move to kill off the standing members and drown them in noise, the same wayvas with other standards groups

Anonymous said...

opportunity exists for interested individuals to participate in the ongoing development of the AMT.

Until such time as your opinion is no longer convenient