Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The Medicare Co-Payment Is Gone - But Health Policy Still In Limbo!

At a 1:30pm press conference Minister Sussan Ley killed of the Co-Payment but also said consultations were ongoing about what happens next.

In the meantime it seems the freeze in the value of the Medicare rebate will continue until a new approach is agreed with the doctors and other stakeholders. This means GP remuneration will be progressively eroded.

Clearly this was a very big barnacle that had to go immediately - even if a new plan D (or is it E) had not been worked out!

To me the Government just wants to keep the projected savings from the freeze while not really knowing what to do next.

Does this all remind you of another issue in the Health Portfolio?



AMA President Tweets at 3:42pm

"GPs cannot continue to absorb the Medicare rebate freeze. Ultimately it has to be passed on to patients."

Seems like there is a way to go here!


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