Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It Seems Our Favourite EHR Patent Collector Is Out And About Trying To Cause Trouble Again. He Should Just Go Away.

Here is a record of a patent that MMR Global have been working on getting through IP Australia for the last 2 years or so.

2011307287 : Universal patient record conversion tool

Patent was accepted by our dilly IP Australia on 20 Jan 2-15
Here is the link to the full documentation.
Reading through the application I really can’t see anything that has not been regularly done with patient’s records for at least the last decade or two - so basically this application should not have been granted as far as I am concerned, as there is clear ‘prior art’ that is well defined and in the public domain.
Additionally the applicant for this patent seems to be going around the world trying to get people to pay fees for licenses to use technology that is essentially not patentable.
The company (MMRGlobal) that is pursing all this, makes it clear in a very recent filing to the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) , that their financial future as an ongoing concern is in considerable doubt. Additionally you can read about all the legal action they are taking all over the world!
Here is the link to the document page:
The entry dated 31/3/2015 makes for really amusing reading.
As there is just no value or merit in all this (in my view), this really should just be made to go away. I hope some kind lawyer is working on this as I type!
For a bit of amusement you can see the complainant (and CEO of MMRGlobal) in a YouTube video with his spouse  (She is the also the voluntary MMR Global Social Secretary and PR Person according to the SEC Filing cited above.)
The video title is:

RHL Group presents the Acoustic All Star Band Live from the Playboy Mansion

(RHL is the wholly owned company (and RHL are the initials of) of the RHL Group)
Here is the link:

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