Sunday, June 12, 2016

AusHealthIT Poll Number 324 – Results – 12th June, 2016.

Here are the results of the poll.

Should The Federal Government Or State Governments Be Blamed For The Failure To Implement Anti 'Dr Shopping' Systems Nationally?

The States Are To Blame 0% (0)

The Feds Are To Blame 3% (3)

Both Are Hopeless In This Regard 35% (33)

The Systems Are Not Needed 46% (43)

I Have No Idea At All 15% (14)

Total votes: 93

An interesting result - it seems a majority do not think we should have systems to detect and prevent ‘doctor shopping’ with all its attendant, and often fatal, risks. I disagree.

Only fair turnout of votes.

Again, many, many thanks to all those that voted!



Anonymous said...

"it seems a majority do not think we should have systems to detect and prevent ‘doctor shopping’" ..... I didn't realise we had so many doctor shopping addicts in the eHealth community!

Anonymous said...

... or more likely among the pharmacy community. From that perspective pharmacy owners (Guild members) are themselves addicted to doctor shoppers and excessive users of S8, S4 and S3 drugs. Any attempts to introduce a monitoring system could result in a very significant decline in pharmacy revenue. Don't blame the pharmacists - blame the Guild and the owners they represent. The Guild claims to be concerned - that's politically correct - but hey - let's not be too cynical - the revenue stream must be preserved and that's a fact of life..

Anonymous said...

I thought that was what the PSP was intended for?, that aside it is interesting result, perhaps it is more a reflection of more money being poured into half measures by departments renowned for making a mess of things.

Perhaps it is something sinister like trying to discredit the blog, however that is a rather long bow

Why the sudden low numbers? Have a lot of people moved out of eHealth or are serial voters on holiday?

Anonymous said...

We might have some privacy concerns about this. Also, I worry about it being yet another boondoggle for some IT vendor seeking money from the taxpayer, that might not really effective, mostly revealing 'false positives'. Probably the topic of another blog posting.

Anonymous said...

Boondoggle it has been, it is and will continue to be.
Why? Because they don't understand the problem they are trying to solve.
Never have the way they have been going about it.

Anonymous said...

The question I have always wondered about the health bureaucracy is if they or incompetent or corrupt? Maybe its a combination of both. The fact that we are going nowhere and spending lots of $$$ makes me think it is more corruption, giving them the benefit of the doubt wrt ability.

Anonymous said...


"incompetent or corrupt? Maybe its a combination of both?"

Its probably resume filling or jobs for mates. Look at their employment history in the past and again in the future. It would probably look like a revolving door between government and the private sector. Plus look at the politicians too. Who is sponsoring them and what do they do after their term in Parliament?