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Quote Of The Year - Paul Shetler - "Its not Your Health Record it's a Government Record Of Your Health Information"

Sunday, June 05, 2016

The Election Campaign Is Going Into The Final Phase - Time To See What The E-Health Policies Are.

First I had a look at the Liberal web site.
Here is the link:
Sadly there was not a word on Health IT to be spotted.
Also checked the 2013 Liberal  policy document - again just not mentioned.
Of course we know the Liberals have funded the myHR for a couple of years in the recent budget - but they don’t seem to think that is worth mentioning.
Next to the Labor web-site:
The main web-site is found here:
Here is the policy document:
Again can’t find any references - but given the myHR as a Labor idea we can assume they support it.
Next to the Greens.
Their main national website is found here:
Interestingly the Victorian Greens do mention e-Health.
Health Services
“Hospitals with fully electronic medical records, that can be edited in real time and improved co-ordination and integration between all state, federal and private  health services, using shared health records such as the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record.”
Here is the link:
The Queensland Greens also have a policy point:
7. Fund e-health records and improving information management and client access to personal medical information.
See here:
From these references I think we can assume that Health IT is something that the Greens are keen on!
So - overall I suspect the pollies could not care less about what is going on in the e-Health space.
If you have any additional in information please let us all know.
Pity that!


Anonymous said...

From a political perspective eHealth is a no brainier. It's basically off the agenda because the public assume most doctors are now fully computerised (everyone else the consumer has contact with is)and anyway, now that there is a new boy on the block (ADHA) it will be a few years before it can be determined if ADHA has been a worthwhile investment. So not much value politicians rabbiting on about eHealth to appease the naysayers - when there are much hotter topics to focus on like child care, education, superannuation, preserving the MBS and PBS.

Anonymous said...

Just wait for the first data leak, or death.

Anonymous said...

So what? We already have deaths in health; some avoidable; it's no big deal. The system tends to bury its mistakes. There's nothing to wait for re data leaks or deaths because the Gov't ehealth system isn't being used and probably never will be. Opting out is a dead duck approach and the government doesn't know how to make opt-in work; with or without the tiger teams and big bus promotions of yesteryear.