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Sunday, November 06, 2016

AusHealthIT Poll Number 343 – Results – 6th November, 2016.

Here are the results of the poll.

Is The ADHA Right To Be Heavily Prioritising Optimal Delivery Of Secure Clinical Messaging?

Yes 25% (37)

No 70% (104)

I Have No Idea 5% (8)

Total votes: 149

A large majority seem to think the ADHA have it wrong on this one!

This is not the result I expected and I am curious to understand the reasons please. Explanatory comments welcome!!

A very large turnout of votes.

Again, many, many thanks to all those that voted!



Andrew McIntyre said...

As an analogy the ADHA has noticed that different electrical equipment has different plugs and this is hampering the free use of electrical equipment. The are going to allow free importation of any electrical equipment and go and put a standard 3 pin plug on every piece of equipment and every electrical outlet, no matter what voltage or amperage it supports the plug will be the same. The reasoning is that now any equipment can be used anywhere by plugging it in.

Strangely once they force every one to do this against howls of protest by electricians problems start to appear. Some equipment works fine but other equipment fails to work as expected, some immediately fails but more concerning is that some equipment goes up in smoke quite violently and there are fires in the switch boxes causing major house fires and loss of life. The ADHA is perplexed as they have made it easy to connect everything together, what could the problem be??

Standardizing the equipment and the supply was the step they missed. Before you connect things together you should make sure they work, or else you will have a lot of fires to fight and people may lose their lives in the process.

Anonymous said...

My concern with this is in part, as Andrew points out, throwing a solution into the mix without an analysis of the current state and what problems that solution will introduce or inherit gives an impression that this is (to me) either ill conceived or a diversion, or at best a BTI strategy to simply bring a few commentators into the puppet ring.

My second concern is the lack of openness and transparency, it is obvious that other than a few "in crowd" little detail is known. We were informed ADHA would be inclusive, open and listened to understand. The new approach taken by the Strategy leader demonstrates a willingness to adopt this new ethos, the SMD, sorry but appears to be the old way of doing things.

Lastly I thing 11:59 posting of It Rather Looks Like The DoH is Getting Itself In Rather A Mess Again. Oh Dear! Sums it up quite nicely.

If this is simply an exercise to explore and assess options and start to form relationships, then all good, if it is about solutions alone then that is not strategy.

ADHA please board don't simply repeat the mistakes of NEHTA, DoH or care.data, be open, take a few visionary risks I don't expect perfection day one, I do expect new thinking.

Anonymous said...

Whichever way one looks at it - there is no strategy.

To move ahead in the absence of well defined STRATEGY is a waste of time, money and resources. Shooting at moving targets tells us they do not know what they are doing but in desperation they seem to think they have to be seen to be doing something.

They should be calling a halt and focussing all their energies and brainpower and knowledge and insight into developing a pragmatic strategy for industry to get behind.

There are so many forces, political imperatives and vested interests pushing the ADHA this way and that way that the leader be capable of pushing back until a strategy has been developed and signed off by stakeholders. It won't happen that way, but it should.

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

Before you create a strategy you need to know what you are trying to achieve.

The legislation that creates the ADHA specifies only functions, not objectives.
Details are here:
It can be downloaded directly from this link:

In the Act it says:

14 Functions of the Board
The functions of the Board are:
(a) to decide the objectives, strategies and policies to be followed by the Agency; and
(b) to ensure the proper and efficient performance of the Agency’s functions.

This is the only place the word "objective" appears in the Act, therefore the ADHA has no objectives; they are to be decided by the board. The word "outcome" is not in the act.

So all this consultation about strategy is useless without the one thing that the ADHA needs to establish for itself - its objectives and outcomes. And AFAIK, this hasn't yet happened and hasn't been announced.

This whole thing has the hallmarks of a bureaucratic creation - something that can be manipulated to achieve unstated objectives.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else find the digital health tragedy survey a little ' leading the witness m'lord'?

Anonymous said...

What survey?
Where is it?

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Try starting here and go from there:



Dr David G More MB PhD said...

"Anyone else find the digital health tragedy survey a little ' leading the witness m'lord'?"

Just did the survey and could not agree more. We need a Trumpian "blow up the whole building and start again" approach here. NOT more of the same!


Anonymous said...

I think some have been backed into an unescapable corner with this one.

The PCEHR, to put it bluntly and simply, is an outdated idea built on end of life solutions, in a few years it will be as obsolete as the pile of dial up modems in the back of the cleaners cupboard, what then, oh say in 20 years the same issue Medicare has with its payment system, only worse

Good one Minister you will be a joke of my children's generation, maybe someone should promote her to the communications department before it is to late