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Thursday, November 10, 2016

I Wonder Who Will Be Asked To Take Over This E-Health Gig?

This appeared a few days ago:

Telstra's inaugural Health boss resigns

By Allie Coyne on Nov 4, 2016 9:13AM

To leave long health career for retirement.

The executive who helped establish Telstra's healthcare division will step down from the role and retire in February next year.
Shane Solomon has served as the inaugural head of Telstra Health since the business was established in 2014.
Its goal is to connect predominantly rural and remote patients - as well as travellers and people wanting out-of-hours care - with hospitals, GPS, government and health funds, through partnerships with healthcare providers.
Its first telehealth service ReadyCare - a partnership with Medgate that allows patients to consult with GPs remotely using voice or video - went live mid last year. 
Solomon came to the telco's healthcare services unit from a stint at KPMG's health practice, and has a long history in the healthcare sector.
More here:
Good luck to Shane in retirement. He has certainly aggregated some excellent e-Health assets under the Telstra Health name. I hope they are all effectively used and nurtured.

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