Sunday, December 18, 2016

Well This Is Getting Pretty Close To A Wrap For 2016. So Where Are We?

If I had to summarise I would suggest that there no real message or outcome for the year.

At a national level we have seen the demise of NEHTA and the foundation of the ADHA with a new CEO and Executive July 1, 2016. Since then I reckon it is fair to say we have been in pause mode as the ADHA consults on its strategy, tries to figure out just what is the best thing to do with the myHR and gets its staff etc. into place.

By mid-year 2017 clarity, strategy and transparency will need to emerge or there is going to be considerable disappointment and frustration. The May 2017 Budget may turn out to be pivotal.

I wonder are we going to see some proper evidence to justify what happens next?

As a working list of the issues that need to be addressed the following might be useful.

Current Issues With Previous NEHTA Approach ADHA Needs To Remedy.

a. Destroyed trust in government and the DoH (repeated consultations just ignored).

b. Unclear as To motivation and rationale for existence  (What is the evidence for what has been done so far?)

c. Unclear role of ADHA vis a vis the Private Sector.

d. Lack of Transparency – Need to publish board minutes etc.

e. A need to establish intellectual technical leadership (evidence, understanding)

f. A need to actually address issues like workflow, time spent, useability and real safety issues.

g. Failure in the past to develop quality and sustainable modus operandi with the private sector

h. Failure to address the mess with current Standards Australia environment.

i. A failure to grasp the complexity and a lack of a really realistic approach.

j. The ongoing fostering of absurd political expectations that are not hosed down as they should be.

At the State level we have a wide divergence with the less successful States seemingly unable to use the skills and capacities available in those getting on with it with some success.

As noted in the weekly news there is a lot of really interesting stuff happening in the private sector that is often rather under the radar. There needs to be active fostering of this activity in my view.

Early next year is going to be a seminal for the future, so I suggest you have a great Holiday season and then strap in for a very interesting 2017.


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Dr Ian Colclough said...

Brilliant paper - well researched. The conclusions are very clear and extremely disturbing.

'My [Electronic] Health Record' – Cui Bono (for Whose Benefit)?
Danuta Mendelson, Deakin University, Geelong, Australia - Deakin Law School