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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What On Earth Can I Say? Big Brother Let Loose In Spades!

This appeared today.
  • December 21 2016 - 3:42PM

Public servants watching what you say on social media about botched My Health Record program

Daniel Burdon
The federal health department has taken to monitoring social media for complaints and commentary about the long-delayed roll-out of the national My Health Record program.

The federal health department is watching what you say about the My Health Record program on social media. 

First launched by the then-Labor government in 2012, the electronic health record system was meant to create a universal online health record for every Australian, to help coordinate patient care between GPs, specialists and hospital staff.

But four years after it was introduced, the scheme's national roll-out has been slowed by a lack of public take-up and health practitioners not getting involved as a result, as the cost of the scheme has ballooned to more than $1 billion.
While the current government ordered a review which made several recommendations in 2014, including to change it to an "opt-out" system, but it is unclear what progress has been made.
As the roll-out continues under the name of My Health Record, the Health Department has contracted out for "social media listening services" since May this year, under two contracts to data consultancy firm Lexer Pty Ltd, worth about $44,000, to the end of this year.
A Health Department spokeswoman said the service monitored comments about the My Health Record publicly posted online on platforms including Twitter and Facebook, including key terms such as "eHealth, health record, #myhealthrecord and #digitalhealth".
She said in a statement that the contract included a "customised dashboard to monitoring communication activity" about the program and "identify comments or trending issues" related to it.
Here is the link:
What can I say – government surveillance gone mad I reckon.
They seem pretty scared of the truth that the myHR is rubbish – in my view!
What do you reckon is the chance we will see a weekly /  monthly summary of the feedback they receive. I will be very contrite if that happens!
I wonder might this be a way, by providing negative feeddback,  to have the ADHA change its views on elements of its program many disagree with - like the ongoing evidence free funding of the myHR?

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Anonymous said...

That is a bit sad, as a tax payer and a voter I demand the release of this information and the information that initiated this.