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Friday, June 23, 2017

I Wonder What Is Going On With The ADHA's Openness. Becoming Closed I Guess!

I thought I would have a look to see what the new ADHA Board Minutes had to tell us.

Sadly the latest minutes were rather old. (Captured 2:45 pm 23/6/2017)

Board Papers

The intent of the Board is to publish as many Board documents as is feasible. Information and attachments to Board documents that are draft, not finalised or sensitive will not be published. An exception is made for draft material already in the public domain (in this instance the Board Advisory Committee Charters released on 16 September 2016).

Board Meeting 4 April 2017 - Board Papers (Download)


Here is the link:


It is hard to imagine it can take over two and a half months to produce the limited disclosure we are seeing. Even the previous one lacked critical attachments etc.

A pretty big let down as far as promised improvements in openness and transparency.



Anonymous said...

Looking at what is said it is quite revelling. The ADHA is simply being set up as the MyHR Agency and looks to be struggling to coup with creating even a basic business operation. This is clear as there are hints through all board papers. The tenders may look like the are embracing all aspect of eHealth but in reality it simply to coax organisations in the MyHR.

At least Tim has refrained from harping back to the NHS and the glory days, which is its self an illusion. Being from the NHS I can tell you those days were a puzzlement and full of poorly investment money with consultants being paid for work never done and forgot why and what they were asked to do.

Anonymous said...

The action owner says it all, seems the pattern of failures is rewarded.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile at the coal face we are progressing well and projects seem to be getting far better. The ADHA and MyHR are a sideshow and little more than something we have to accomodate rather than something of any value or relivance.