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Monday, September 11, 2017

Please Comment To Explain To Me Why You Don't Want The ADHA To Introduce A CIAP Like Program.

As I understand it this is a proven evidence based intervention so what is not to like?

CIAP in NSW is especially useful in rural areas.

I would love to understand the response to the poll.




Anonymous said...

David my view is that these already exist, the ADHA is not the oppropriate body to create a national version. The ADHA has enough on their plate with the MyHR.

Anonymous said...

David I in agreement with 7:18 AM, the ADHA is not in a position to facilitate such a valuable national resource. Simply look at the quality of knowledge management and websites, ADHA is so low down the quality scale it is embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

A vote of no confidence in the ADHA leadership to achieve such a goal in an open transparent and balanced way. I see not evidence to the contrary David.

Anonymous said...

I agree. This is not cutting edge digital health infrastructure, but rather tan information service, and beyond the ADHA remit.

NSW does not ADHA to provide its service, and other states could easily share the NSW licences and infrastructure if they chose.

No need to get the Feds and the lovely bureaucratic ways into something that works and could easily be replicated. Could you imagine ... we'd have consultation sessions, consultants hired, ripping out everything that already works for something new that in the end delivers less, and somehow without even trying gathers information from users that is a huge privacy risk! The script is well worn.

Anonymous said...

David I am in agreement with those comments above, I agree in principle a fully accessible national asset like this would prove valueable, just not under the ADHA sadly.

8:29 AM when you say cutting edge, is that in reference to obtaining a paper cut from a PDF print out?

Anonymous said...

I would be happy for COAG to sponsor and fund such an initiative, similarly I would like to see an arms length funding pool for standards work that is allocated on a business case review. COAG can deduct the money from ADHA, they seems to have plenty of cash for extravagant international tours so I am sure a few million or ten would not be missed, at least the community would have a longer term set of investments.

So it is a yes to the idea, it is a big no to ADHA leadership

Anonymous said...

Should be a big no to the leaderless ADHA. What is this about extravagant international travel? Surely we are not funding self promoting tours?

Anonymous said...

Fully agree, such a concept should go nowhere near the ADHA. They have made a mess out of establishing a small department but as always you can bet those that make the most mess get promoted.