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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Commentators and Journalists Weigh In On The MyHR Debate And Related Matters. Lots Of Interesting Perspectives - Week 21.

Note: I have excluded (or marked out) any commentary taking significant  funding from the Agency or the Department of Health on all this to avoid what amounts to paid propaganda. (e.g. CHF, RACGP, AMA, National Rural Health Alliance etc. where they were simply putting the ADHA line – viz. that the myHR is a wonderfully useful clinical development that will save huge numbers of lives at no risk to anyone – which is plainly untrue) (This signifies probable ADHA Propaganda)

GM Strategy - ADHA

Client Details
Better use of data and technology can help people live healthier, happier and more productive lives. Digital health can make a real difference to people’s health by giving them greater control and better access to information. Tasked with improving health outcomes for Australians through the delivery of digital healthcare systems and the national digital health strategy for Australia, the Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) commenced operations on 1 July 2016. The Agency is responsible for national digital health services and systems, with a focus on engagement, innovation and clinical quality and safety. Our focus is on putting data and technology safely to work for patients, consumers and the healthcare professionals who look after them.

The GM Strategy will play a pivotal role in the execution of the strategic aims and outcomes for the Agency. Working closely with and directly for the Chief Digital Officer, and other members of the Executive Leadership team, this role focuses upon stakeholder engagement, evidenced based evaluation, review of legislation and subsequently policy direction, the innovation roadmap and leadership of a tight knit group of professionals that anchor the organisations strategic outcomes.

This position is a strategic and ‘hands on role’ focused on deliverables against agreed timeframes.  You will have experience working with or in the health industry and have a deep understanding of Australian health policy and system.  Your ability to think on your feet will ensure you can quickly solve problems and resolve issues.  As a market innovator, your proactive approach to problem solving will see you deliver strong results.  You will be an excellent communicator with an ability to manage and influence senior stakeholders including government and peak industry bodies, have experience in leading change across an organisation or system, with a start-up and innovation led spirit, and a track record in delivering programs.   You will certainly be a strong leader to support capability development within the team.
Note: I wonder where the technology experience comes in?

Talking Point: My Health Record

On Overnights with Rod Quinn
Download 21.08 MB
Opt In or Opt Out? What are you doing about your My Health Record? More than 6.3 million Australians already have a health record online. Rod Quinn looks at the benefits and possible pitfalls of having all your information online with Ariel Bogle, ABC’s Online Technology Reporter.
Duration: 46min 3sec
Broadcast: Fri 7 Dec 2018, 2:00am

Experts urge Govt to shelve "outdated" My Health Record database

By George Roberts on AM
Download 1.42 MB
The Federal Government is being urged to shelve its digital health database and start again.
A leading surgeon and a medical tech developer say the My Health Record digital database is already a decade out of date.
They say other countries abandoned similar platforms and that this government should, too.
Duration: 3min 5sec
Broadcast: Fri 7 Dec 2018, 6:10am
5 Dec 2018

The business of health in the digital age

Healthcare providers want to operate efficiently while providing the best possible care for their patients. Here’s how digitisation – My Health Record specifically – can help with both.
By the end of January 2019, every Australian who hasn’t opted out will have a My Health Record – an online summary of their health information. But what impact will this have on the business of providing healthcare?
“Digitisation is going to have a far-reaching impact on how healthcare providers run their practices, manage their time and, ultimately, on the conversations they have with their patients,” says Kate Galvin, Customer Executive, Health at NAB.
“Every business owner, from general and specialist practitioners to hospitals and allied health professionals, is hunting for efficiencies, and digitisation should support that.”
More productive consultations
Digital health can mean better health for all Australians through safe, seamless, secure digital health services and technologies that provide a range of tools for both patients and providers. That’s the vision of Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy, and My Health Record is a significant step in the process of digitisation.
Note: This is a bizarrely ignorant article IMVHO

My Health Record Update.

An important update on the My Health Record legislation. 
The My Health Records Amendment (Strengthening Privacy) Bill (MHR) has now passed through the Senate. While it has yet to pass the House of Representatives, it represents a significant improvementto current MHR legislation.
The MHR amendments ultimately contained a number of significant improvements to the Government’s originally proposed changes to the MHR system, including some major wins for workers. Through the work of the union movement and in conjunction with the ALP, the legislation has been amended to ensure that all of the most serious issues identified by the ACTU and our affiliates as part of the recent consultations and Senate inquiry have been addressed. The issues addressed include:
  • Preventing employers and insurers requiring the disclosure of MHR information by employees.
  • Preventing the use of MHR information for the purposes of hiring or continuing to employ someone or for use for insurance purposes, including workers compensation.
  • Ensuring that the MHR system cannot be privatised or operated by a private provider.
  • Stronger protections against the use of MHR data for statistical purposes, particularly preventing insurers from using the data.
  • Emphasising the ability to request the complete deletion of a MHR at any time.
  • Further strengthening protections for people suffering from domestic violence.
Poll – Current as of 2-12-2018

My Health Record: staying in or opting out?

  • Opting out (73%, 358 Votes)
  • Staying in (27%, 135 Votes)
Total Voters: 493
Note: This poll comes from the AMA Doctor Portal and reflects clinician views one would suspect.

1 in 4 GPs' burnout due to e-health records

Daily IT frustration more than doubles the risk of burnout, US study finds
6th December 2018
One in every four doctors is suffering burnout thanks to e-health records, with female doctors at greater risk, a US study suggests.
The survey of nearly 1800 doctors finds that 70% are suffering stress because of health IT, with around eight in 10 GPs affected.
For 26% of doctors, the stress has led to one or more symptoms of burnout, with female doctors more likely to be affected than their male colleagues, according to the researchers, led by Brown University in Rhode Island.
After adjusting for other factors, doctors who agree electronic records add to their daily frustration have nearly two-and-a-half times the risk of burnout than colleagues who disagree.

GDPR: Ain’t No Ocean Wide Enough

First extra-territorial enforcement action puts global organisations on notice
Understandably (given the breadth of the new regime and the huge potential fines introduced for non-compliance), the lead up to 25 May 2018 and the months that followed saw many companies frantically preparing for the arrival of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and subsequently rushing to put in place robust compliance regimes. By contrast, the European data protection authorities (DPAs) responsible for enforcement of the new regime have so far been relatively muted.
The DPAs have certainly been inundated with complaints in these early days, such as those lodged by notorious privacy activist Max Schrems against Google and Facebook minutes after go-live of the GDPR. However, it was not until 6 July 2018 that the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issued its first official enforcement notice under the GDPR. The enforcement action is particularly notable as it has been issued against a Canadian company with seemingly no presence in the EU, and therefore may offer some insight into the vexed questions being asked about the extent of the GDPR’s extra-territorial reach.

Malcolm Turnbull Spends His Morning Trying To Opt Out Of MyHealthRecord

After a taxpayer funded break in New York City, multi-millionaire and “former Prime Minister” Malcolm Turnbull has reportedly spent the whole day on the phone with Medicare as he tries to opt out of his MyHealthRecord account.
Taking the call from his Apple Watch, Turnbull slowly paced around his Point Piper mansion as the call waiting music filled his third living room while Bargain Hunt played in the background on mute.
“Hello? Is anybody going to pick up? I haven’t got all day,” lied Turnbull, jabbing a thumb towards his 85 inch TV screen.

Introducing integrated e-government in Australia

30 Nov 2018
With the 2016 distributed denial of service attack on Australia’s first fully digital Census and Centrelink’s 2017 automated debt-recovery system glitches still fresh in our minds, it would be easy to pause in the pursuit of digitising government services.
The reality, however, is that there are compelling benefits to expediting government digital transformation, and the case for change is not simply one of customer convenience.
Deloitte Access Economics has estimated that the federal and state governments conduct 811 million citizen transactions each year. It calculated that lifting the share of transactions performed digitally from 60% to 80% over a 10-year period would lead to government productivity benefits worth $17.9 billion, plus a further $8.7 billion in benefits to citizens. 
But the benefits of integrated digital government services extend even beyond time and resources saved. Data is the fuel for many new business models and, according to OECD measures, right now Australia performs only moderately well compared to international peers, particularly in relation to the availability of open government data.

My Health Record in pharmacy

Monday, 3 December 2018  ADHA Propaganda

Bomaderry-based pharmacist, Rachel Forgan, says access to My Health Record provides vital information to help her deliver better informed patient-centred care.

Bomaderry-based pharmacist, Rachel Forgan, says access to My Health Record provides vital information to help her deliver better informed patient-centred care.
“Pharmacies play a significant role in helping patients understand their medications and ensuring their prescriptions are safe,” said Rachel.
“Without a My Health Record, we rely on the patients’ own recall of their medication and conditions when dispensing prescriptions or selling over the counter medication. Although this can be easy for some patients, others struggle to remember these details.

What is My Health Record (MHR)?

Posted by Dr Michelle Woolhouse on 2 December 2018
  • MHR is Australia's national electronic health record system. 
  • It provides online storage for documents and data containing information about your health.
  • The information can be uploaded by you, your healthcare providers, or by Medicare.
  • It is you who will decide whether to make your information available to healthcare organisations and health care practitioners.
The My Health Record system has been running for several years. In the past it required you to opt-in, the change is that you will now be automatically registered unless you 'opt-out' before 31st January, 2019.
Comments welcome!


Dr Ian Colclough said...

David, surely this story is False News "Malcolm Turnbull Spends His Morning Trying To Opt Out Of MyHealthRecord". It's not that hard to opt-out.

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Ian, it is deliberate satire from the Beetoota Advocate.


Dr Ian Colclough said...

Yes, but it could very likely be true. I have it on good authority the Beetoota has connections in high places, including Rome.

Anonymous said...

The job advert "GM Strategy - ADHA" should have been marked ADHA Propaganda.

Anonymous said...

It should go to the advertising standards commission.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across the ADHA 18/19 Corperate Plan - https://www.digitalhealth.gov.au/about-the-agency/corporate-plan/ADHA_Corporate_Plan_2018-2019.pdf

They have no idea how to try and look professional or an organisation with half a clue.

Anonymous said...

Safe, Seamless and Secure
Sounds like an advert for condoms

Anonymous said...

The question now is, under the encryption flaws they cannot claim it is secure as they will need to ensure vulnerabilities exist and keys provided to organisations. Some no doubt being the same organisations that allows Cabinet files to be discovered in second hand office equipment stores.

Anonymous said...

Some facts on the Tim Kelsey advertising campaign. Not even top 100. Although it did get top new brand. Even the NBN had bigger .....


Anonymous said...

"Top New Brand of the year was Government initiative, ‘My Health Record’, with 7,170 ads aired."

Pathetic. Shows the total lack of respect this government has for the Australian people.

Not to mention parliament. The betting houses have the money on an early March election, that way they won't have to address the Naru issue the Senate has thrown at them.

Look for an announcement at the end of January that takes the attention away from My Health Record.