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Monday, March 13, 2006

Further Comment on the EHRVA Roadmap

I have been giving some serious thought to the recently released EHRVA Interoperability Roadmap (Version 2).

The key conclusion of relevance to Australia is that it shows that there are a number of ways of "skinning the cat". With this clear there is a very serious implication.

This is that the National e-Health Strategy should be contestable and should be developed in a way that all reasonable options are carefully considered. There is nothing in the Roadmap that is totally "out of court" for adoption in Australia and I believe we should expect NEHTA to provide a clear statement of their roadmap and then let the contest of ideas operate to sort out the best way forward.

The previous HealthConnect strategy would appear to have been abandoned (after 5+ years of effort) but that is no justification for not putting all the reasonable choices on the table and having a carefully considered review.

I doubt this will happen but it would be good for all concerned if it did.


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