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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Slow Demise of Health-E-Link

Its been another bad day for e-Health In Australia.

Today we learned that the NSW HealthConnect Trial for NSW - the Health-E-Link project is coming apart for the most basic of reasons - the lack of proper involvement and consultation of healthcare providers and consumers.

It seems that NSW Health has been so keen to get the project operational they have altered NSW Health Information Privacy regulations - to the annoyance of many who are interested in the issue - and have also failed to sign up the local doctors before attempting to 'go live'.

This is very sad as the project has cost a lot of money and was probably the best resourced of all these so called 'trials'.

Again it seems the bureaucracy has not understood the basic tenets of the management of complex change.

The losers, as always, are the Australian public, who deserve a great deal better.


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