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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Reaction to the NEHTA Standards Framework

It has been quite interesting to see the various reactions to the recently published NEHTA Standards Framework.

Some were very positive hoping to see much improvement in the timeliness and responsiveness of the e-health standardisation process and looking forward to more input from the relevant interests and stakeholders.

One correspondent made the very useful suggestion that it would be very valuable if technology was used to facilitate standards development and to make the processes more transparent and clear. A suggestion I heartily endorse - pity it was not a specific action point in the framework.

Mostly, however, there seemed to be disappointment about the lack of specific clarity in the action plan and the funding plans. One correspondent repeatedly muttered - "just a marketing doco with no real content".

Amusingly there has been fun when another correspondent pointed out in the GP e-mail list that the spelling standard for the document was confused and rather US like (or may be mid-pacific) with the use of centre and center occurring. I wonder what language standard was intended . The document also seems to be from the far future with the following "Copyright © 20066, NEHTA." being noted. An omen?

The total proof of all this will be, however, where e-health standards are in 12 months.

We will all watch with interest.



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