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Friday, April 27, 2007

Something You Might Be Missing – The Comments.

As the blog has gradually acquired more readers there has gradually been an increase in the number of Comments posted after each article is published.

Neither the RSS Feed or the e-mail Alert lets readers know that new comments have been posted.

Since the beginning of 2007 there have been a range of really insightful and useful comments posted. (Thanks to all who have done so!) Can I suggest that readers occasionally scroll down the last few articles and check for new comments when visiting as I can find no obvious way to ensure these gems are not missed.

It is of note that many users often carefully consider their comments for two or three days before commenting so it is worth checking out at least the last week when visiting the site.

Oh! and before I go - yesterday it was a month since I have the note from DoHA regarding my letter to Mr Abbott. No response as yet.



Anonymous said...

A comment feed would be great. I know blogger doesn't offer them, but maybe you could use one of these mail-forwarding hacks instead?


Dr David G More MB PhD said...


I think I have managed to enable comment feed with Blogger 2. Comments if this comment is fed would be useful.