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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Previous Boston Consulting Group Report on Australian E-Health (2004)

For those that would like to review the earlier BCG E-Health Report – which does not seem to be readily available on the web the following links should be helpful.

Main Report


Have an enjoyable read to see how much has not really changed!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for making the BCG Report and Appendices so readily accessible.

The Executive Summary states that "the report summarises the major findings and recommendations from a seven week review by The Boston Consulting Group" on behalf of the NHIG and the AHIC.

It states that the report is intended to be a key input into a national stategic plan for IM&ICT that will be presented to the Health Ministers later this year (2004).

Presumably the national strategic plan underpinned the formation of NEHTA.

Do you know when the strategy plan was presented and where it can be found? It would be helpful if you could make that available too.

Aus HIT Man said...

As far as I know there was never a revised Strategic Plan made public. Sad about that as it might have been quite useful to have one.


Anonymous said...

Well if it hasn’t been made public, there has to be one somewhere. The BCG report clearly points to the need for one. It is almost inconceivable that NEHTA could have been established without a strategic plan!

However if it was established in the absence of a strategic plan then the very first job of the Board would have been to oversee the development of such a plan! That is good responsible corporate governance - best practice.

Else, without such a roadmap how is anyone to know where NEHTA’s CEO is leading his organisation? More importantly, how is the CEO to know which way is the right way? Surely a strategic plan is the first step in developing the map that shows where NEHTA is heading.

This assumes even more importance when the CEO is someone totally inexperienced in the health sector! Logic says there must be a strategic plan somewhere. If it is secret it shouldn’t be.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean when you say "As far as I know there was never a revised Strategic Plan"

- do you mean to say there is no strategic plan?

- or do you mean to say there is a strategic plan somewhere but it has not been revised?

Aus HIT Man said...

My understanding is that there was work done on a new strategy by DoHA around 2004 but that it was never finalised or accepted for implementation.

Its moot now as it would be well out of date by now and would need to be redone at this point anyway.