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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The UK NHS Health IT Community - An Invaluable Site for Health IT.

Last week , when I received my regular bulletin from the United Kingdom’s NHS Health Informatics Community I realised I had not pointed this site out to those who browse here.

The site can be found at:


With free registration there is access to a range of invaluable and worthwhile resources.

An example of the sort of useful content that is available is the following.

Management Briefing on the impact of Clinical Physician order entry systems on improving patient safety

In this paper Dr Bates discusses health information technology has many benefits for both organisation and patients. Achieving success for any application implementation depends on a variety of issues and Dr Bates explores some of the problems some groups in America have had in the past. He reviews the failures and successes of the computerised physician order entry (CPOE) system and explores the similarities between what is beginning slowly implemented in America compared to what currently happening in the NHS. The paper closely follows on from the Masterclass Dr Bates gave in May and includes links to other Health Informatics papers.

This is the next in the series of Faculty management briefings, and was overseen with the help of the Faculty of Health Informatics Board. The aim of these briefings is to provide the reader with the essential knowledge of a subject which is important in the world of today’s busy NHS professional.

Our library of topics is getting bigger and covers a wide spectrum which will be relevant to all leaders within the NHS. Previous briefing topics cover such areas as:

UK cross-border transfer of electronic patient information

Knowledge Management

Telehealth and Telecare in England

Leadership within Health Informatics

Any feedback on this or any other management briefing is welcome, along with any suggestions you may have for a future briefing. Keep a lookout for forthcoming briefings on Patient Records and Patient Involvement by Dr Amir Hannan and The EHR the possible dream by Professor Denis Protti. If you wish to contribute to our library of briefings please contact ian.mcgovern@nhs.net

Attachments: (No. of attachments - 1)

65 Kb ETD Management Briefing No 5 - Patient Safety V 1 - (04-Jul-07)

It is really worth registering and having a good look around. While obviously there is a strong UK bias there is plenty for all! Registration also allows you to establish topic based e-mail alerts matched to the areas of your interest.



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reference to this. I'd reinforce the message that the NHS Informatics site is very useful.

Readers with an interest in telecare and telehealth may also be interested to view my news site on this topic. (Link below.)

Steve Hards