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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Publish Your Submissions to the BCG NEHTA Review

As all those reading here are very likely to know, submissions to the Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) review of NEHTA closes on the 27th July 2007.

Given the usual approach that has been adopted by NEHTA in terms of confidentiality and secrecy I thought I should offer to publish, on the blog, any submission individuals or organisations feel they would like to have made public – to ensure more transparency of the review process.

If you are an organisation I am happy to provide a link to your submission if that suits better.

I plan to submit, and publish, my final submission early next week.

Please send me what you want to say and you can be sure many of your colleagues will see your – unedited – comments.



Anonymous said...

Can you help with "Where we can find the 'original' Boston Consulting Group Report which recommended the establishement of NEHTA or a 'NEHTA-like' organisation? Thanks.

Aus HIT Man said...

I have a .pdf copy of the earlier Boston Consulting Report and Appendices. If you would like a copy just e-mail me and ask.