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Monday, July 26, 2010

AusHealthIT Poll Number 27 – Results – 26 July, 2010.

The question was:

Will The E-Health Plans of Either Party Change Your Vote in Their Favour?

Move Me To Vote Labor

- 9 (31%)

Move Me to Vote Coalition

- 1 (3%)

No Change In My Vote

- 5 (17%)

Other Issues are Much More Important

- 2 (6%)

I Don't Trust Either to Deliver

- 12 (41%)

Votes: 29

Poll closed.

Well I guess the lesson here is that while the overall level of trust in either side is pretty low – what Labor is doing is preferred.

Again, many thanks to all those who voted!



Anonymous said...

What a 'closed' poll! Like a newspaper, with its two dimension view of politics. How about others like these listed:


Maybe we should include the Greens at least?


Anonymous said...

Do the Greens have an e-health policy? Could someone post a link if there is one.

Dr David More MB, PhD, FACHI said...


I had actually done a comment asking for just that and saying that as the Greens won't form a government I had decided to stick with the 'big two'.

I am sure someone will know.