Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Health Information Exchange Thrust is Building in the US.

The following turned up a day or so ago.

Survey Gives the National HIE Landscape

HDM Breaking News, July 22, 2010

An annual survey of the progress of health information exchanges across the nation has found 234 active HIEs in 2010, compared with 193 in 2009.

The 234 active HIEs include 56 state-designated HIEs that have been awarded federal funds under the HITECH Act. Out of the 234 HIEs, 199 responded to this year's survey from eHealth Initiative, an advocacy organization. Respondents included 48 of the state entities.


Addressing government policy mandates is a major challenge for 131 of responding HIEs. The complete report, "2010 Annual Survey of Health Information Exchange," is available at

--Joseph Goedert

Full article here:

It is very interesting to see how this technology and information exchanging approach is taking off and really growing quite rapidly.

The full report is definitely worth a browse to see the benefits being derived and so on.


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