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Monday, June 06, 2011

AusHealthIT Poll Number 73 – Results – 6 June, 2011.

The question was:

Is NEHTA Sufficiently Accountable For the Funds it Spends?

The answers were as follows:

For Sure

- 4 (8%)


- 4 (8%)

Probably Not

- 4 (8%)

They Are Unacceptably Unaccountable

35 (74%)

Close to the clearest poll yet. NEHTA is just not accountable enough for what is it spends!

Votes : 47

Again, many thanks to those that voted!



Anonymous said...

Well the Poll is very clear and convincing, but will it make the slightest bit of difference?

Unfortunately and most likely not!

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

I do my best!


Anonymous said...

You could have predicted that result before the voting opened. When you write such a question about any government body, I think you would get that answer any day of the week. How about a poll that doesn't have a guaranteed outcome because it's written to incite the biases of your readership?

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

If people wanted to say all was OK there were choices that reflected that view. Most seemed to think otherwise!


Anonymous said...

I can understand the defensiveness of those in NEHTA who are feeling embattled.

But, truly, in what way *is* NEHTA accountable for its funds? Who scrutinises it, apart from DOHA? The truth is, NEHTA is not accountable, that is a fact.

The enormous amount of money that has churned through this fantasy factory is an unconscionable waste. The only people who don't think so are those locked in its ivory towers - a private 'university'. In a public university, researchers only get projects funded competitively, based on grant applications, that are extensive international peer reviewed. What peer review does NEHTA's work go through? If there is no peer review then there is no accountability.