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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just A Really Short Blog for Today! Go and Grab Some Very Interesting Documents!

I have a really simple message for today. I have spent a couple of hours reading the new documents released by NEHTA on the Requirements and Architecture for the PCEHR mentioned on the blog today.

These documents are compulsory reading if you want to get a decent handle on NEHTA’s and DoHA’s thinking about all this!

Here is the link to that post.


Just register and grab and read. You will be much better informed when you have taken in at least the top level stuff.

Sorry to talk about this again - but there is no substitute for these documents to get at least some handle on what is going on!

In terms of commentary - all I can say is that I believe 99% of what I have written still seems to be pretty close to the mark and the problems and issues are still as live as ever!

We can now wait for the revised ConOps (due in August I believe) to see how many of my - and others - lists have been fixed!


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