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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Document To Be Read By Many Who Browse Here! I Am Sure Feedback Will Be Important!

This appeared today.

Industry Brief Special Bulletin June 2011

PCEHR architecture documents released

NEHTA has released the draft high level design documentation for the PCEHR. The documentation includes business scenarios with use cases, business requirements, high level design and high level system architecture and a glossary.

These and later versions of the design documents will be used as a basis for detailed design of the PCEHR System. The draft documents will be used to support the tendering process for the national infrastructure partner for the system and development in the wave 1&2 lead implementation sites.

The drafts released to the ICT community today are based on the April 2011 release of the draft Concept of Operations relating to the introduction of the PCEHR system. They are living documents that will be periodically updated in response to feedback from the public consultation processes, further detailed design with infrastructure providers and lessons learned from lead implementations. New versions will be released as the PCEHR program progresses. You will be notified by email of updates to these design documents, and they will be published online. Any questions or feedback on these documents should be directed to les.schumer@nehta.gov.au

To request a copy of the documents please send your name, organisation and email address to industry@nehta.gov.au and access details will be sent to you.

We look forward to our ongoing consultation with you and appreciate your commitment to this important initiative.

Paul Madden

Chief Information and Knowledge Officer

Department of Health and Ageing

Peter Fleming

Chief Executive Officer

National eHealth Transition Authority

----- End Release.

It is interesting that all this has been developed in the absence of ConOps Feedback. I hope not too much time has been wasted on a framework that needs serious change in my view.

Go for asking for the documents and we will see a few more details!



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Anonymous said...

The first question really is "Is it worth the effort" as time is precious and the time spent ready this fairy tale could be spent doing something useful. That is a serious question as I have wasted a lot of the time in the past trying to read Nehta documentation that never amounted to anything. Given the low number of responses to the document this attitude may well be more widespread. I am sure flat earth books no longer attract a big readership either.