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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Deferral of Senate PCEHR Inquiry Report

Reliable sources are now indicating the report will be released some time after Tuesday next week.

It seems there is even more documentation that is having to be considered.

To fill in the time you can read the responses to Questions on Notice from the public hearings:

Go here:


At the bottom of the page.

Further updates as they come to hand.

UPDATE: 1.00pm 15/3/2012

Apparently Monday 19th March is planned to be the day.


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Anonymous said...

With Parliament rising on Thursday it is likely the Senators report will be tabled just in time for everyone to take it away and read during the break. I doubt we will see any debate on the PCEHR Bills and NEHTA until the next sitting of Parliament. I suppose that's one way of deferring matters.