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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Here Is A Fun Rumour I Keep Hearing. I Wonder Is It True?

People are telling that the PCEHR is about to be renamed.
Apparently it is to now be called - get ready - the:

E-Health Records System.

Some wag has already suggested that EHRS is a bit close to Errors when said quickly. Maybe a re-think of that is needed.
Take this for what it is worth. The implications are fascinating regarding funding timing, deadlines and all sorts of other issues.
I look forward to comments from any who can confirm / deny this!


Anonymous said...

E-Health Records System?

Surely that is just not catchy enough? I reckon this blog can come up with a better name.

How about:
Fabulous EHealth Record At Last! (FERAL - you can insert your own adjective for the 'F')

DAVE...DAVE?... I think we should call it
HAL - Happiness At Last.

Paul Karen said...

A piece of s**t by any other name would smell the same.

Anonymous said...

So it's not Politically Correct any more?

Bruce Farnell said...

E-Health Records System sounds boring. I did a google search and came up with:

Exhaust Heat Recovery System

Much more appropriate - particularly as it relates to hot air.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is meant to be boring, so that the public at large does not engage with it. The more abstract and vague the concept the less anyone will care or understand. 'personally controlled' is a phrase that engages too much perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I would venture that they are going to rename it Shared Individual heaLth recOrd.
There seems to be a movement to discourage compliant repositories meaning this will become just another silo of health information.

Paul Karen said...

Or how about Shared Health Information Tabled System?

That way GPs can really get the SHITS with it.