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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Wild Guess About The Outcome of the Senate PCEHR Inquiry

My guess:

2 reports.

The Government will say it is all 'tickety-boo' and has to rush ahead unchanged.

The Opposition will say ' this looks pricey, risky and complicated' so maybe we should have a pause to work out what are the good and bad bits.

The Greens will be concerned about a range of 'soft' issues but want to play nice with their partners in Government so will support the majority report.

We will all see tomorrow apparently!



Paul Karen said...

My guess is that they will have the EHR "shell" as of July 1st and that they will concentrate also on e-prescriptions and e-discharge summaries from hospitals. $50 on this!!

Anonymous said...

Most hospitals don't have electronic medication management and eprescribing systems deployed. They are still in the dark ages. So opting to concentrate on e-prescriptions from hospitals is opting to defer the advancement of eprescribing and medication management in the primary care sectors.

The eRx and MediSecure Exchanges on the other hand could make rapid and major advances today with a little support from Government and NEHTA.

Therefore I ask you why would they not drive home eprescribing and medication management in primary care and then have the hospitals feed-in and update once the hospitals have got their act together which is some years away?

Anonymous said...

NEHTA has not been able to get AMT into the leading medication data company. Medication management is more complex than NEHTA imagine. I am not saying it can't be done, just that NEHTA is probably not the correct enabler.