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Sunday, September 23, 2012

There Is A Lot Going On In E-Health Which Is Just Not Being Reported. Why Is This Do You Think?

Has anyone else noticed just how quiet things have become in the reporting of the E-Health Sector.
I guess because I pay close attention I have noticed it more than most.
Also I have the sense that things that are newsworthy are also not being reported in the mainstream or even technical media.
Take this as an example these outages in the test environment being used by Vendors to set up their software to interact with the NEHRS.
Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2012 11:50 AM
Subject: PCEHR SVT UNPLANNED OUTAGE 11:45AM 20/09/2012

Outage Notification
PCEHR SVT Environment Outage ─ Unplanned

PCEHR Software Vendor Testing

Start Date & Time (AEST)
20/09/2012 11:45:00
Reason for Change
PCEHR SVT Environment is unavailable - cause still to be ascertained.  PCEHR SVT support apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

Outage Contacts

PCEHR SVT Environment is unavailable.

Followed by:
Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2012 2:43 PM
Subject: *** UPDATE *** PCEHR SVT UNPLANNED OUTAGE 11:45AM 20/09/2012 *** UPDATE ***
Dear Stakeholders,
 A high severity incident has been raised with infrastructure team to restore service in the PCEHR SVT environment.
 We are working towards restoring service, this may take up to 4:00PM 20/09/2012.
 We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
----- End Messages.
I have a whole lot of these and am assured it is a sadly much more than regular occurrence. It seems that the system is just going up and down like a ‘yo-yo’. How can vendors deliver with a test environment that is so unstable in the very limited time available as recounted last week?
See here:
I find it hard to know just why this is not being reported anywhere. I can assure you there are some more than frustrated Vendors.
Maybe the silence is all to do with the wider press environment. We have Fairfax and News Ltd hacking staff (two reporters with a major interest lost with this) and we also have places like ZDNet somehow dropping the e-health topic.
The Government is running dead on any news in the area (just hoping for something good to happen) and most of the other sources have scaled back their NEHRS coverage and are often doing little more than re-hashing press releases (of which we see very few from the NEHRS program.)
Additionally we have seen our favourite attack blog being defunded if the disappearance of the NEHTA sponsorship logo and lack of posting is anything to go by (only one post since July 30, 2012). So much for professional independent journalistic interest being driven by altruism. The blog was always a paid mouthpiece and what has happened just goes to pretty much confirm that view. Bit of a pity really as there was occasionally some semi-official feedback and reaction posted which was interesting.
My view is that this is a serious betrayal of the public interest as it is clear from the number of comments on the blog there is continuing interest and concern regarding this program.
We need to topic covered so we can all form a view as to what is happening and what it means.
p.s. By way of more news this afternoon the NEHRS seems to be up and working as expected. My meds have even been updated to the 5th of August. Of course after a year or two this might become a rather annoying repeated list!

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