Monday, September 10, 2012

We Are Surrounded By Fools And Idiots! The NEHRS Lacks A Print Function!

Just decided to check out my NEHRS record a little while ago to make sure nothing had mysteriously changed. It hadn't and it seemed to work as intended - which is good.

But..given there are virtually no doctors enrolled at present what can I do to take what I have along to my doctor?

The NEHRS System has NO Print function. Just why can't you print out a summary of the information held for information for your doctor, nurse or whoever - or nicely formatted single pages?

Yes - I do understand you need to time/date stamp and then identify the source. My bank has done that for a decade! An yes I do know I can do screen dumps and use my browser to print out what I see.

These people have never talked to an intelligent user as far as I can tell!

Talk about a functionality oversight!

Nitwits and nincompoops.


Addition 10am 11/09/2012.

I have just been pointed to the print function - page at a time - that is in the far right upper corner of each page. It works but does not provide a neat printed summary of the whole record. So it is 1/2 way there.

Surprised I missed it - but I did. Sorry.

Of course the system still crashes too often and is still largely an information free zone while taking ages to access!



Anonymous said...

Perhaps a print function was an optional extra..."oh, you want printing with that? That's an extra $150 Million please...."

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

Calm down David.

You seem to be forgetting that this is first and foremost an IT system, not a health information system. You can't expect IT people to realise that the information needs of a system are the highest priority and that they should be identified and well thought through so that the resulting IT system meets those needs.

If you are going to keep getting hot under the collar about the failings of this IT system you will end up at the doctor's asking for more medication. Which may or may not end up on your PCEHR.

I hope you recognise sarcasm when you read it.

Anonymous said...

Oh silly David - you just take a photo of it (the screen) with your smartphone and then email it to your doctor.
Saves him/her having to get a HPI-I and HPI-O and has the added bonus of them not having to deal with the Oracle database errors if they try to access via the PCEHR.
While you are at it, why not just take a picture of your prescriptions and your medicine jars too, so that they can see what you are actually taking now, rather then what was claimed by your pharmacist months ago.
It's cheap, cheerful, and it's personally controlled. And if you put "NEHRS" in the subject line of the email, they may be able to claim their PIP and other payments sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

mmmm ...I use IE and there is definatley a print function on my screen and it works...and it's easy to find..perhaps some people are a little blind by their sarcasitc nature.

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

From my blog:

"An yes I do know I can do screen dumps and use my browser to print out what I see."

What you get is un-formatted, cluttered and may miss information in windows.

So what exactly is your news?

As far as I am concerned there is not a properly designed print function.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you are wrong David, there is a print function as part of the PCEHR (RHS -run you eye down from the blue National Health Reform logo)and it works.
Lower the rage and have a better look.

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

Yes, the last commenter is correct. I looked for it before I wrote the blog and must have missed it. It does not have a print whole record function but you can print each section out.

Sorry about the claim that was mostly not right.


Anonymous said...

I haven't got a record - not going to trust anything with these people - so I can't see what David is seeing. However, if it is not at all obvious and has to be pointed out to someone who was specifically looking for it, then there is definitely something (else) missing by all accounts.

Anonymous said...

In my experience it's pretty common for the print link to be top right corner. Not sure David overlooking it means there's a usability design issue. Anyone can make a mistake.

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

"In my experience it's pretty common for the print link to be top right corner. Not sure David overlooking it means there's a usability design issue. Anyone can make a mistake."

I think it is hard to know as people seem to use all different corners - but I have to say it is in pretty small type - and is hard to notice until you scroll across on my wide screen. That is why it took a while for me to find the edit button for some record components. The way the overall site displays does not, somehow, force Firefox to show full width in some areas.

The scroll boxes for the Audit trail can hide it a bit.

The point the original post made - that there is no "Print your record" to take to doctor or whatever is still valid.

But I am grumpy with myself I missed the print page link.


Anonymous said...

It's ok i had to look really hard anstay first I thought it was an ant walking across the screen. Tiny font, to help the aged and chronically ill. Make the font bigger please for the practical things. Save the small print for the spin.