Monday, October 01, 2012

AusHealthIT Poll Number 138 – Results – 1st October, 2012.

The question was:

Is Government / NEHTA Being Transparent Enough Regarding Progress With The NEHRS / PCEHR?

Of Course  4% (2)
Probably  0% (0)
Probably Not  9% (4)
They Are Excessively Secretive  83% (39)
I Have No Idea  4% (2)
Total votes: 47
Very interesting and clear cut response. The vast majority believe they are not being given reasonably transparency.
Again, many thanks to those that voted!

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Anonymous said...

The recent downsizings at News Corp and also Fairfax could mean that the excellent journalistic scrutiny of past years which kept NEHTA, DOHA and the GOVERNMENT on their toes could well come to any end. We should hope not.