Sunday, October 07, 2012

This Must Be The Most Clueless Major Health Department Ever And They Are Running Australian E-Health. It Is A Real Worry.

The most astonishing bungle for a good while emerged from the Department of Health (DoHA) last week.
Here is some of the coverage:

Thousands of dollars worth of anatomically bungled posters to be shredded

4th Oct 2012
ABORIGINAL health posters riddled with errors are destined for the paper shredder, leaving taxpayers thousands of dollars out of pocket.
The federal health department has put out an immediate recall on 171 A3-sized posters of the female anatomy produced as part of the Labor government's Live Longer campaign and sent to Indigenous health services across the country.
Opposition Indigenous health spokesman Andrew Laming said the posters were a "fiasco", with embarrassing errors such as the lungs labelled stomach, an extra pancreas and ovaries labelled kidneys, along with arrows in the wrong places.
"The oesophagus runs into the lung," Dr Laming said in a statement on Wednesday. "The ureters look like they join to the small intestine instead of the kidneys and the bladder is sitting on top of the uterus."
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Health Dept withdraws inaccurate anatomy posters

By chief political correspondent Simon Cullen
Updated Wed Oct 3, 2012 5:20pm AEST
The Federal Health Department has been forced to withdraw one of its Aboriginal health posters after it was revealed to contain embarrassing errors about basic human organs.
The poster, titled Female Human Anatomy, confuses the stomach with the lungs and incorrectly labels the ovaries as kidneys.
It also has an arrow pointing to the intestine, but instead calls it the stomach. The poster also shows two pancreases.
The poster is part of the Government's Living Longer program aimed at improving the health outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
It was taken down from the campaign's website today.
Opposition Indigenous health spokesman Andrew Laming says the campaign has been "severely undermined" by the errors.
"The lack of any attention to detail in these posters is an insult to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders that were the target audience for this material," Dr Laming said.
Image is here:
Here is a detailed description of many of the errors.

Pulp fiction: body of evidence leaves officials red-faced

  • by: Adam Cresswell, Health editor
  • From: The Australian
  • October 04, 2012 12:00AM
IS your heart in the right place? Most Australians would think so but, if you happen to be female, bad news - it seems the federal government would respectfully like to disagree.

According to a health education poster prepared by the federal Department of Health and Ageing and distributed to health centres across the country, the female heart is located dead centre in the chest, not displaced to the left side.
But that's not the half of it, as the poster - 2000 copies of which were printed as part of a $21.3 million health promotion campaign launched last month - shows someone in the department has some decidedly weird ideas about the placement of women's body parts generally.
According to the full-colour poster, which forms part of a "Community Health Action Pack" and is sized halfway between A4 and A3, what men call the stomach becomes one of the lungs when it gets into women, while the female stomach is hidden somewhere in the small intestines.
Women seem to have sprouted an extra pancreas, cunningly disguised as the right kidney, while the kidneys have upped sticks and taken up residence where the ovaries should be.
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Why I raise this is simple. It shows just how detached and ignorant of practical health information are the vast majority of those who work at DoHA. That such an error filled poster could escape into the public domain is just extraordinary.
And this is the Department that is bringing you the NEHRS! What hope can we possibly have for Australian E-Health when this lot is in charge. The lack of connection with the clinical workface is obvious and dangerous!
Keeping properly informed and educated staff away from posters is one thing but from the NEHRS is a disaster in the making. Surely any proper Health Department would have processes to conduct a clinical sanity check on any documentation it issues. The same thing is needed, and appears to be absent, from the NEHRS program the way it is being handled.
This would be extraordinarily funny if the implications were not so serious!


Anonymous said...

It's not what is inside that counts its how we'll the consumer is stitched up that counts

Minister they say a picture paints a thousand words

Anonymous said...

We can be sure of one thing - The Department's Secretary Jane Halton will have provided the Minister with an obscurely convincing explanation. .... it was the printing presses Minister .... or Aborigines are built different .... or anatomy isn't taught in the medical schools quite like it used to be .... the doctors should have known better than to let that through .... or ... we are looking for the arsehole and the rectum.

Anonymous said...

Steps to reproduce error.
1) It looks like the arrows had just the name and no description and these would have been correct at some time.
2) When additional text was added to the label the name became the label heading and the description enlarged the box.
3) They then rearranged the boxes to be non-overlapping and nicely spaced BUT they forget to re-adjust the lines to match the new location of the corresponding textbox.

If you number the lines on each side and number the boxes down each side then you can match them up correctly. They are in the correct order but shifted down.
--Tim C.

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

Hi Tim,

That is why you have an informed adult do an final check of printer ready copy before release to printer for manufacture.

BUT - they should have also spotted it before it became public!


Anonymous said...

Even Gruen on ABChas noticed this bungle -noting as you did these are the people in charge of the health system!!!! wonder if the $ wasted have been recouped from this years bonuses for doha execs - unlikely- the tax payer will just wear the cost of incompetence as BAU!!