Wednesday, October 03, 2012

It Seems For Some At NEHTA The Night Of The Long Knives Has Arrived

Lots of rumours are going around about the sacking of virtually all contractors from NEHTA and the roles and functions of NEHTA are wound back.

Of course I am told none from the executive ranks are suffering!

To date no official announcements - but that is hardly unexpected.

Look forward to people sharing what they have been told and how many of their mates / colleagues are affected.

Will be an interesting test for the blog and its readers to get the news out.

The more specific information on what is cut and what impact it will have the better!



Anonymous said...

....and what about the Clinical Leads who have proven to be as useless as Mr Andrew Howards's Tiger Teams .... gggrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

If they are not being funded to the same extravagant level of profligate extravagance and wastage as previous years then the contractors and other hangers on simply have to go. The senior executive has to stay for three reason:

1. Senior Executive is needed to fire the consultants

2. There is no-one to fire the Senior Executive except the CEO and hey - if he does that he will follow

3. The Board won't do anything - never has, never will. The Chairman comes from the same school of brilliant business thinkers as the Board of Melbourne's MLC - and look what they've just done to MLCs reputation.

Anonymous said...

The key failing here is down to behavior of those with the authority at the senior levels (current and past). This is where an investigation needs to be done, but will it be done, or will it be quietly shelved after they have sacked all the contractors and the staff?

I think it is myopic to blame the lower level staff. What about the wave 1 sites that were given multi-millions of dollars, how have they performed? Where are they now? There was one that attended the senate hearings saying how great things were, they got multi-millions to deliver, where are they up to?

* What have they acheived against their original requirements?
* Where are their patients in the PCEHR?
* What are the benefits for the many millions they received?

What about the ongoing huge PCEHR support contract for supporting a system that has essentially missed the mark? Is anyone going to look at that? Where is the NASH contract up to?

I know a lot of people have suffered outside the inner circle, but is no good ignoring the key things and just punishing the staff, they had the least power in all of this, most of them just trying to earn a dollar. This needs to be laid at the feet of the large generic consulting players and the internal senior managers, that have been given millions and large salaries, and have delivered so little.

This is an object lesson in how to disrupt and destroy a local industry. The rage needs to be maintained, those responsible need to be held to account, because in absence of that the whole exercise will reappear in another incarnation out of the ashes. Bigger and badder!

Follow the money and the managers, don't persecute the staff!