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Thursday, April 18, 2013

This Is A Much Too Democratic Approach To E-Health For Australia I Suspect. Great Fun To Review.

This short article appeared a few days ago.

NYers can vote on design of patient portal

  • April 13, 2013, 2:17 p.m. ET
Associated Press
BUFFALO, N.Y. — New Yorkers are being invited to weigh in on the design of a website that will let them access their medical records online.
The New York eHealth Cooperative is working with the state Health Department in the shift toward electronic health records. From Saturday through April 23rd, the cooperative is asking people to vote on one of several "Patient Portal" designs at www.patientportalfornewyorkers.org.
The full article is here:
Amazingly there are 14 different designs for people to consider and vote on - each with a short video explaining the features and look and feel.
Do you reckon we would have got the pathetic, ill-conceived consumer portal with the PCEHR had a process like this been conducted. I think not.
A visit to see what is on offer is highly recommended.


Anonymous said...

How many of the portals offer a PATIENT CONTROLLED EHR?

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

Who wants one of those rather than having access to the REAL Patient EHR that your clinician is actually using?

No one I know!


Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with you David on that score - but the question was How many of those American Portals offer a Personally Controlled EHR? I predict the answer is ZERO - perhaps someone who has looked at each will be able to tell us.

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

If you are interested have a look yourself. I have looked at a good number of them and I can say they are a few light years ahead of the NEHRS in terms of offering patients what they want - as opposed to what the Government wants.

Personally Controlled ought to equal designed for patients. It just does not as far as the NEHRS is concerned - so the name is a semantic con.


AJ Jack said...

Voting on the portal design may not be the most effective method especially if the voters only get to look at the design and not play with it. Even if they get to play with it, simply saying I want that one, doesn't allow feedback for improvement. Democracy is not necesarily the answer here. A good design would be obtained by getting a wide variety of potential users and then watch them using the portal, asking them questions as to why they clicked where they did, what they liked and didn't like. Improvements could be made from the feedback and then tested again. Though an interative process based on real user experience you probably end up with a better design than the 'democratic' process.
The current portal is not well designed from the very start. When you go to the eHealth page there is a big red button to register for the PCEHR, but the login is via a small text link hidden half way down the page. Perhaps this reflects the current emphasi on signing people up, rather than actually having them use it.

Anonymous said...

Most commercial records and document management systems have the ability to handle many millions of records out of the box.

I know of one particular system that has over 300,000 internal and external users, 100's of millions of records, with full audit and access histories, simple to use desktop applications for heavy users and web portals for collaboration between third parties that need to share information outside of the domain, and they use strong authentication to access systems.

The cost less than $30M.

We needed a platform like this to build a system like PCEHR on, not the rubbish we have been given for a Billion dollars...