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Friday, September 06, 2013

How I Will Vote - Essentially A Pox On All Your Houses!

My view is that the choice offered to Australian Voters tomorrow is just awful - especially from the perspective of e-Health. In e-Health:

1. The probable winners have no clue as far as I can tell - promising little more than a review - which is probably code for making savings.

2. The probable losers have excelled in incompetence and worse and really have been un -consultative and idiotic as to what is needed.

3. As far as the Greens - searches for eHealth or e-Health get zilch.

While the Senate may be in play these are the only ones worth considering I believe.

So we have the unconcerned vs incompetent vs the not actually home.

I plan to vote in a way that gives no group a vote. It is up to you what you do as always.

We have Labor offering some decent policies in other areas which they will probably mess up and the Coalition offering stuff that worries many. The Greens are off in cloud cookoo land. So I feel there is no real place to hide.

Enjoy your Saturday. I hope you find yourself comfortable with your choice!

My disappointment with what has happened over the last decade or a little more in e-Health is pretty profound.


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