Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Rumour Central: It Looks Like The NEHTA Clinical Leads Progam Has Pretty Much Died.

I am hearing well sourced rumours that virtually all the NEHTA Clinical Leads have left and are now 'out the door'.

If this is true it would confirm just what a debacle the PCEHR has become and what a pickle DoHA and NEHTA now find themselves in.

Any insider prepared to say how many Clinical Leads are left? I am hearing only very few.

That there a major problems is confirmed by the following from another correspondent:

"My 1:1 conversation with xxx clearly outlined his deserting of the sinking PCEHR / NEHTA ship.

His personal comments indicate a 'fatal cancer' in the NEHTA / DoHA organisation on the PCEHR."

Is sounds like things inside the NEHTA Clinical Unit have become pretty grim.



Anonymous said...

Nothing left here now other than an over promoted clerk desperately holding onto a low level clinician to justify the propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Dave, there are perhaps three clinical leads left. One is a UK Dr who has never practiced in Australia, one is a Practice Manager and one is a pharmacist. As porky pig says, ... e bibidi bibidi bibidi... that's all folks!