Monday, May 12, 2014

Follow Up : Looks Like Medicare Locals Are For The Chop.

This has just appeared:

Replace Medicare Locals, report

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A review into Labor's Medicare Locals recommends they be replaced by larger regional bodies.

A federal government-commissioned review, released a day before the budget, has heightened speculation Labor's Medicare Locals system is facing the axe.

The centres are likely to be replaced by larger regional health organisations with stronger links to local hospital networks and GPs.

The review found while there were a few high-performing offices, "a great many" were not fulfilling their intended role.

Medicare Locals were meant to better co-ordinate the care of chronically ill patients in the community.

Professor John Horvath, who led the review, also found a lack of clarity about what Medicare Locals were trying to achieve.

Lots more here:

The full report is a good read - earlier blog today.


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Anonymous said...

So a new bureaucracy is recommended [please bring your deckchairs with you] to achieve seamless integration,coordination across primary care with doctors at the centre. Why do I think we've been there before?