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Thursday, May 15, 2014

One Really Has To Wonder Why The UK NHS Is Having Trouble Showing Return On Health IT Investments.

This appeared a little while ago.

RoI evidence needed for tech strategy

2 April 2014   Lis Evenstad
NHS England’s IT strategy will focus on telehealth, customer service and integrated digital care records, Beverley Bryant has said.
The technology strategy was due to be published in December last year, but was then delayed until March and has now been pushed back until June this year.
Speaking at a Westminster Forum yesterday, the director of strategic systems and technology at NHS England said the reasons for the delay included a lack of evidence about the return on investment that technology could deliver.
Another reason is that NHS England needs to do more work with its stakeholders. “We are not going to develop a tech strategy for just the NHS,” Bryant said.
“If our mantra is integration, our mantra is interoperability; so we need it to speak to all health and care. [That means we need a] bit longer to converse and draw in partners from across the wider care system.”
“We also need some evidence. I need an evidence base saying ‘if you spend money in an organisation this is what you can expect in return on investment’. Creating that is going to be key in convincing Treasury and future government that this is not only good for patient experience and safety but for efficiency and finance.”
Lots more here:
On the assumption the smarties in the UK NHS know what they are doing in this regard I really look forward to the new strategy to see what they say and to see just how certain the ROI is with the various applications they are planning.
As it stands I find this a very interesting statement!

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Terry Hannan said...

David, here are some of the few articles that have documented RoI for HIT. Note all 3 references are from The Brigham’s and Women’s Hospital in Boston. There are a lot of lesson to be learnt here. In particular TIME for RoI even when you have a very well designed system.

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