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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Now This Is A Very Interesting Advertisement For Clinical Usability Staff From NEHTA.

This appeared a few days ago.

Senior Clinical Usability Analyst

  • Fixed term contract position
  • Manage all clinical functionality and usability activities
The National E-Health Transition Authority Limited (NEHTA) was established by the Australian, State and Territory governments to develop better ways of electronically collecting and securely exchanging health information. NEHTA is the lead organisation supporting the national vision for e-health in Australia.
NEHTA is currently recruiting people with a desire to make a difference to health outcomes, that are passionate about the use of e-health to meet these goals and who have the relevant experience to deliver solutions in a highly complex stakeholder and technical environment. In these roles you will be working with consumers and clinicians who will be defining how models of care can be improved using the PCEHR. You will be delivering the solutions that will be in place for your grandparents, parents and your children... and for you as you engage with the public and private health system.
The Senior Clinical Usability Analyst creates value by taking responsibility for managing and securing advice, guidance and recommendations around clinical usability for eHealth products from Australian clinicians and optimising that guidance with other NEHTA business units.
  • Work with the Clinical Governance (CG) safety team to ensure understanding and management of any overlaps and relationships between clinical usability and clinical safety.
  • Manage all clinical functionality and usability activities and ensure clinical safety and usability assessments and recommendations support each other and are aligned whenever possible.
  • Liaise between the NEHTA Clinical Governance Advisors (CGAs) and other NEHTA resources seeking clinical advice around the required clinical functionality and usability activities. This role will assist the CGAs in optimising the clinical input required to support these activities.
  • Work closely with CG staff and the CG Clinical Review Group (CRG) to ensure the right priorities are addressed to meet agreed deadlines for eHealth system releases and responding to queries received by CG.
  • Provide guidance and recommendations to the Clinical Functional Assurance Lead, the Clinical Review Group and relevant internal teams around the required change management and adoption activities needed for the successful role out of eHealth systems and releases .
  • Represent the CG clinical usability recommendations to internal and external stakeholders to ensure clarity and understanding.
To be successful you will have:
  • eHealth experience is highly desirable in the clinical informatics experience in an eHealth setting
  • Evidence of excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  • Health fundamentals
  • Strong knowledge and experience with health informatics
  • Knowledge and/or experience in various health sectors settings around work practices, work flow and implications for eHealth systems
  • Strong knowledge of patient care combined with sound understanding of health informatics concepts
  • Clinical decision making
  • Understanding of information requirements needed to support of clinical decision making
  • Sound problem solving skills
  • Clinical risk assessment and mitigation management
  • Ability to discuss and seek clinical advice around clinical usability matters in eHealth
  • Develop, implement, and refine clinical decision support systems
  • Strong business analysis skills
  • Qualifications in Health Informatics
This role will suit candidates who are methodical and highly organised with the ability to learn complex concepts and technical information quickly and on the go. NEHTA is an ever changing environment with something new to learn every day. If you are committed to delivery and have a willingness to learn then this role is for you.
Status: Fixed term contract to June 2015
There is more here:
The blurb is just fantastic here. Suggesting the work you can do in this job  by June 2015 will make a difference to my grandchildren and that the PCEHR will still be around decades from now has surely to be a joke.
The second thing that strikes me is the task. If the job was to redesign the PCEHR to make it useful maybe but it seems the job is just an advisory and committee job. Bureaucracy squared as far as I can tell.
Third - allowing for recruitment time and the silly season this is a four month role. Make the PCEHR usable in 4 months. Someone is dreaming.
Fourth it does seem interesting just how often informatics is talked about in the add given the relative scarcity of expertise in this domain within NEHTA over the years - quite wrongly. I reckon there should have been 2-3 of these sort of people on the NEHTA Board since it began. The outcomes might just have been rather different.
You really have to wonder just what is going on here.


Rob01 said...

I saw the title for this ad and thought it must be a 2-3 year usability test position to assist in redesigning the system. But no.

Anonymous said...

the contract is just till the end of the current Nehta funding. I wouldnt read anything into that.