Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Why Do I Have Such A Terrible Sense Of Having Seen It All Before? It Sure Feels Like It!

A couple of articles seem to be just a re-run of what we have seen and been told for years!

Telstra Invests $2 Million In eHealth Partnership With Sydney University Health Researchers

Chris Pash Oct 28, 2014, 7:21 AM
Telstra’s new health business unit and Sydney University’s The George Institute have announced a partnership to explore eHealth solutions for Australia’s straining healthcare system.
Telstra Health has put $2 million into the partnership in the first two years to explore eHealth technologies and services.
Shane Solomon, Telstra Health Managing Director, says he wants to create solutions which are simple for clinicians and patients to use.
The George Institute and Telstra Health’s collaboration will focus on:
  • Shared electronic health records – sharing of information across providers and with patients
  • Electronic decision support systems – systems to support providers and patients to make better decisions about how to manage risk factors and prevent disease
  • Home telemonitoring – monitoring of major risk factors such as blood pressure, blood glucose in the home using wireless technology
  • Patient self-management tools – tools which help the patient better understand their chronic disease and help them adhere to recommended treatment
  • Predictive analytics – using health and other forms of data to predict demand for services.
More here:
Lots of new things being investigated here….
Then we had this:

Hambleton on NEHTA, AMA and Telstra Health

Steve Hambleton has been in the NEHTA chair since June of this year after a successful stint as AMA president. One of the key lessons he’s learned since taking the job is that Australia needs to have a more unified health system if we’re to meet the health challenges of today and tomorrow.
“It’s like having a unified rail gauge,” he says by way of an analogy he frequently comes back to. “You can’t have a unified system if everyone is implementing their own standards, we can’t have an ehealth system unless we’re able to talk about the same things.”
He says that in the nine years NEHTA has been in existence it has been highly successful at the tasks it has been set. There are secure messaging standards, the adoption of SNOMED and other wins, all of which help push the ehealth and health systems in the right direction, Hambleton says.
Much much more here:
And then we saw this - with more funding for e-Health to replace 20 year old PAS systems….

Victoria kicks off $80m eHealth spending spree

Millions allocated in 2012 finally make it to hospitals.
One month out from a state election, the Victorian government has finally emptied the $100 million eHealth piggy bank it set up in 2012, and distributed the funds to hospitals and health services.
Health Minister David Davis this morning announced the winners of the first lot of funds from the $100 million pool, announcing $80 million worth of grants would be drawn from the state’s Innovation, eHealth and Communications Technology Fund.
Davis denied to iTnews that his government had been sitting on the funds in the lead up to a hard-fought election campaign.
He said it had been “steadily and methodically” working on a response to a series of reviews into the state's past health struggles, in order to put together a statewide IT framework, which he released today.
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What has changed since I started the blog almost a decade ago?
As they say “the more things change the more they stay the same”!


Anonymous said...

Sadly the requitement process will look for senior management with experience so we will get lumbered with the same ladder climbing idiots we have now, most of who have never acieved much at NEHTA but succeed on claiming others successes

Anonymous said... would be a good starting point, what they will need is the conceptual and solution architecture, upto date specifications and linkange to standards work, oh what NEHTA stopped all that under the current Strategy and Architecture genius, another left over from Mr PCEHR

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:48, I believe your comments are a little unfair, as a member of IHTSDO, the executive you mention has done more for terminology in australia than those before him, at least we now have AMT V3, adoption strategies being implemented and a national testing and training environment. NEHTA provides HIPS and steering the eHealth Strategy, the list goes on of achievements of this indervidual and outweighs the few things you mention. IMHO the work you list probably no longer serves a purpose. The others are lucky to have him to carry them